Kick Ass concept

Kick Ass concept

Kick Ass is studying for physics class.


Bakersfield Bats














My friend Rich asked me about the bats in Bakersfield. It was a movie reference. A movie called Fear and Loathing. I told Rich that there were lots of bats around Bakersfield. They come from huge caves out east by the soya bean farms. I never saw Fear and Loathing because I was living in Bakersfield when that movie came out. There was a movie theater and a drive-in. The movie theater was on Main St. and a German man from Argentina named Hans Gerbils bought it in 1986 and turned it into something he advertised as The Worlds Loudest Exotic Pet Store. It was pretty damn loud! It’s still open, I think Brian bought his iguana there. 

The drive-in was on a chunk of land that was annexed by the US Government in 1990. They turned it into a tiny Native American reservation. You can go there and buy corn husk dolls but they don’t show movies any more.